Top mount sinks rest on the top of the counter. Undermount sinks are mounted to the bottom of the stone, requiring the edge of the sink cut-out to be polished. The majority of all top mount sink cut-outs, vessel sinks and cut-outs for cook top stoves will be cut on the job site. When possible, they will be cut or partially cut in our shop. All sinks, faucets, sink attachments and stoves must be on the job site at the time of templating so we can take accurate measurements of all items that interface with the stone.

This procedure allows us to minimize time spent in the field for installation, which saves you time in construction and reduces the impact of our presence on the jobsite. It also helps us make sure all products you have selected will fit properly before fabrication starts. This eliminates mistakes which are costly, not to mention the negative side effects of time delay. The process is simple; you can have products delivered to us or have them on site by the day of template. As far as undermount sinks, the cutting and polishing will be done in the fabrication shop.

Please remember, we will not make any cut outs based on templates or specification sheets; in the name of absolute accuracy a physical measurement is the only guarantee against the threat of costly error. Customer service is our middle name, so everything we can do to save time, saves you money. Cleaning up any and all messes we make during on site fabrication is of the utmost importance; however you can expect trace amounts of dust. With all undermount sinks you will want the stone to overhang and hide the area where they meet, similar to the edge of the countertop. With the stone hanging over the sink, the benefit of wiping into the sink functions better. On all undermount sink cut-outs we use an ease over profile on the top edge to reduce the possibility of chipping.