Stone Care

Care must be taken in order to maintain the quality and beauty of natural stone.  Our tips will help protect your investment.

Specialty cleaners formulated for use on natural stone are highly recommended.  Natural stone is absorbent and has a mineral chemistry that can react in strange ways to conventional cleaners. Never use abrasive cleaners, vinegar, lemon juice, bleach, ammonia, general purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, tub and tile cleaners or other cleaners that contain acids to clean the surface. They may scratch, etch or fade the surface, and remove sealer.  In the bath or other wet areas, use a squeegee after each use to minimize soap scum and hard water deposit buildup. Stones can absorb liquids and oils causing discolorations.  This can be diminished by using a penetrating sealer. Regardless of the type of surface to be maintained, all natural stone should be protected with sealer.