Your edge detail on a countertop can have as big an impact as your color and stone selection.  Some options will look better with a large or small sweeping radius, while others are better suited with straight angles. When selecting a countertop edge, pay close attention to the finished enhancements that will be used on the cabinets and other millwork.  It can emphasize the styling of the doors or crown molding which sets off the mood of the room. Edge detailing is what makes your project individual and it can change the whole look of the countertop. Edges will have a standard 1-1/2” overhang. Thickness will vary a little from slab to slab, but most of this is eliminated by milling of the edge detail. A 2cm stone will give you a 3/4” edge. Some designers feel a thicker edge gives a richer appeal, while others like the minimizing streamline of a thinner edge. Also available is the 3cm stone that will give you a 1-1/4” edge thickness. Thicker edges will always accentuate the style of edge selected.